The Divine Service, liturgical and pastoral theological journal, is the scientific journal of the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Split, Croatia (humanities and theology, A2); it is published regularly four times a year in print and electronic form on the portal of Croatian scientific journals HRČAK; it publishes the previously unreleased original, review and professional papers, reports and works from scientific symposiums, theological reflections on books and homilies.

  1. Papers should be submitted by e-mail to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The editorial board reserves the right to adjust the work to the requirements of the journal and to the standards of Croatian language.
  2. Categorisation of scientific papers: Scientific papers pass double blind review, and reviewers are chosen by the editorial. The entire review process is anonymous. Peer review comments and suggestions for improvement, together with a description of necessary adjustments, if any, are sent to the author. On the basis of the received reviews and possible amendments and corrections, editorial board makes the final decision on publishing and categorization of the work, which can be:
    • Original scientific paper (contains the so far unpublished results of original research, presented so that results, analyses and extracts can be checked)
    • Preliminary communication (presents in brief the new results of scientific research which demand urgent publishing, assuming that the complete work will be published later on)
    • Review article (original and concise display of an area of research with one’s own critical review and judgment)
    • Professional paper (informs and gives insight into the problems of the profession without pretensions to be the result of scientific research, but its purpose is the dissemination of knowledge)
  3. Copyright: If the author does not consent to the requested amendments, he/she has the right to withdraw the previously sent work. Authors are not paid and they do not pay for the publication of their work. The author of the published paper receives one free number of the printed journal and also his/her work issued in electronic format, PDF format. The author agrees not to publish the work elsewhere without permission of the editorial board. The author of the work is responsible for the scientific ethics in research and in results (cf. COPE guidelines, Along with the work the author has to submit the following information: name and surname, academic degree (scientific title), the scientist’s registration number, full name and address of the institution where he/she works, e-mail address.
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