The editorial board consists of seven members, who meet regularly and discuss the incoming articles, reviews, and decide on the contents of new issues of the journal. Each received article, before being headed to a further review process, is being reviewed by the editor in chief and, if necessary, by other members of the Editorial Council, in order to check whether the article meets the basic methodological, scientific and theological criteria of the journal. If it is clearly established that the work meets the necessary conditions, it is sent to double blind review.

Editor in chief as well as other members of the editorial board makes sure that the reviewer is not in any "conflict of interest" with the author of the article and that he/she is professionally competent for the received article and its evaluation.

If the article has received two positive reviews, only in different scientific categories, the editorial board will assess the article in the category more favourable for the author.

If the article gets one positive and one negative review by two reviewers, the article is sent to the third reviewer. On the basis of all the received reviews, the editorial board will make a final decision on the acceptance or rejection of the work, as well as the scientific categorization of the article. The name of the reviewer shall not be revealed to the author, not even after the article has been published in the journal.

If during the review process it is revealed that the article is a plagiarism or auto-plagiarism, the editorial board will reject the article received and notify the author.

The editorial agrees that they will not use the data from the received and unpublished works for the personal benefit until these works are published either in the Divine Service or in some other journal.

In attempting to refer to the rights and obligations of either the authors or reviewers, the editorial board has prepared special guidelines for authors and instructions for reviewers. All instructions are available on the Croatian national portal of scientific journals "Hrcak", at the following address:

| Ivan Macut, glavni urednik | 1.4.2019 |

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