Center  "Don Frane Bulić"

The Catholic Faculty of Theology at the University of Split inaugurated the Center for Epigraphical, Paleographical, and Historical-Theological Research "Don Frane Bulić" on December 12. 2018.

The Center is dedicated to:

  • Research, study, and publication of epigraphic and diplomatic sources relevant to the history of the Catholic Church in Southern Croatia, especially from the Ottoman period.
  • Transcription of texts from the Turkish era, facilitating closer collaboration with various institutions.
  • Study of medieval manuscripts from Southern Croatia.
  • Publication of books and production of historical and theological documentaries.

Named after Don Frane Bulić, a prominent Croatian historian and archaeologist, the Center enhances cooperation with similar institutions both domestically and internationally.

The Center's activities include:

  • Individual and group research in archives, museums, and libraries.
  • Processing and publishing epigraphic and diplomatic sources, particularly from the papal chancery and Ottoman rule.
  • Interdisciplinary research on medieval manuscripts.
  • Organizing seminars, summer and winter schools, and scholarly conferences.
  • Collaboration with national and international academic and research institutions.
  • Promoting exchanges among researchers, teachers, and students.

The Center aims to preserve historical knowledge and contribute to contemporary awareness through its diverse research and publication efforts.

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