WEDNESDAY, 23rd October 2019

17.00  Opening of the symposium and welcome speeches
Moderator: Full Prof. Mladen Parlov, Th. D.

17.20  Presentation of the Proceedings of the 24th International Scientifi c Symposium entitled Theology and Ecology     
Presenters: Full Prof. Anđelko Domazet, Th. D. and Emanuel Petrov, Th. D.

17.40  Asst. Prof. Gioacchino Campese, Th. D.(Faculty of Theology, Pontifi cial Urbaniana University, Rome, Italy)
Church and Migrations in the 21st Century: “It Is Not Just About Migrants...”

18.10–18.40 Discussion

THURSDAY, 24th October 2019

Moderator: Asst. Prof. Domagoj Runje, Th. D.

9.00   Assoc. Prof. Kotel Dadon, D. Sc. (Department of Hungarology, Turkology and Judaism, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb)The Jewish People Between Emigration and Immigration

9.30   Ivica Karlo Lapić, Th. D.(Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation “St. Ambrose Center”, Cernusco sul Naviglio, Italy)Filoxenía – Forgotten Christian Virtue? “And hospitality do not forget” (Hebrews 13,2)

10.00 Full Prof. Ante Vučković, Ph. D.(Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split) Mind in Exile

10.15  Discussion

10.45  Coff ee break

Moderator: Full Prof. Marinko Vidović, Th. D.

11.00  Asst. Prof. Tado Jurić, D. Sc.(Department of History, Croatian Catholic University in Zagreb)Media Analysis of the Content of the Phenomenon of Contemporary Emigration From Croatia

11.30  Assoc. Prof. Roko Mišetić, D. Sc. (Department of Sociology, Croatian Catholic University in Zagreb)Current Demographic Situation and Perspectives of the Future Movement of the Croatian Population

12.00  Assoc. Prof. Tomo Vukšić, Th. D.(Faculty of Catholic Theology, University  of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)The Emigration of Catholics From Bosnia and Herzegovina and Response of the Church on the Problem of Decreasing the Number of the Faithful

12.30  Discussion

13.00  Lunch breakModerator: Ivica Jurić, Th. D.

15.00  Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Dugalić, Th. D. (Faculty of Catholic Theology in Đakovo, University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek)     Dražen Živić, D. Sc.(Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar – Regional Center Vukovar) Emigration and Transformation of the Church in Eastern Croatia

15.30  Tomislav Markić, Th. D. (National Directorate for Pastoral Care for Croatian Migrants, Zagreb) Pastoral Care for Croatian Migrants

16.00  Full Prof. Anđelko Domazet, Th. D.(Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split)Religious Pluralism Caused by Migration as a Decisive Theological Issue of the Future

16.15  DiscussionModerator: Boris Vidović, Psy. D.

16.45  Asst. Prof. Paweł Mąkosa, Th. D.(Faculty of Theology, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, PolandThe Migratory Situation in Poland

17.15   Tvrtko Barun, M. Sc.(Jesuit Refugee Service, Croatia) Experience of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Promotion and Realisation of the Catholic Social Teaching in Croatia

17.45  Emanuel Petrov, Th. D.  (Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split)The Attitude of John Paul II Toward Migration as a Paradigm of the Contemporary Relationship of the Church

18.00 Asst. Prof. Mihael Prović, Th. D.(Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split)Challenge of Solidarity and Opportunities of Religious Education for Secondary School in Front of the Phenomenon of Migration Crisis in the European Union

18.15  Assoc. Prof. Josip Dukić, Th. D.(Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split) Croats in Italy From the End of the 1915 to May, 1946

18.30  Final discussion

19.00  Closing remarks by Full Prof. Mladen Parlov, Th. D., dean

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