Access and Usage

Access to the software is granted with an AAI electronic identity by selecting the following link. Upon login, it is necessary to read the terms of use (Turnitin End User License Agreement), accept them by checking the box below the text, and confirm by clicking the Agree button. Confirm the profile creation by clicking the Save button.

Quick Instructions for Teachers

  • For a quick check, upload the paper you want to check by selecting the Quick Submit tab (video instructions).
  • If you want your students to submit papers for checking, create a class (Class/section ID) and an assignment (Assignment) with appropriate settings where students can submit papers. You can enroll students in the class or provide them with information for self-enrollment: class/section ID and enrollment key.
  • Under the Subject area(s) dropdown menu, select "Philosophy" for a paper in philosophy, and "Other" for a paper in the Humanities area of religious studies.
  • Under the Student level(s) menu, select the appropriate study level (Undergraduate for courses conducted at the undergraduate level, Graduate for graduate level, Postgraduate for postgraduate level).
  • If you want students to view the report, under the option Allow students to see Similarity Reports?, select Yes (page 12 Instructions).
  • If you want to add assistants (Teaching Assistant, TA) to your class who will have their own sections, select Master Class as the class type. Each section will receive its own ID and enrollment key for self-enrollment, and students will see them as separate classes.
  • Under Generate Similarity Reports for student submission, select when to start generating reports:
    • If the option Immediately first report is final is enabled, and a student can submit the assignment only once, the report is generated immediately after submission.
    • The Immediately (can overwrite reports until due date) option allows students to submit the assignment multiple times, but after the third submission, they must wait 24 hours before submitting again, and a new report is generated for each subsequent submission, replacing the previous one.
    • The On due date option allows generating the report only after the assignment due date has passed.
  • If you do not want to store the paper in any of the available repositories, select the "no repository" option during setup. Save the Paper ID of each document you have uploaded to the software or that your students have submitted. This information is important in case you need to permanently delete each individual paper.

Quick Instructions for Students

To submit and check a paper, you must be enrolled in one of the courses at your institution. To enroll in a course, you will need the class/section ID and enrollment key, which you will receive from the teacher or another staff member of your institution.

After enrolling in the first course at the beginning of using the Turnitin software, you will be able to enroll in other courses by selecting the Enroll in a Class tab.


Students can perform a self-check of the paper (video instructions) by enrolling in Class/section ID: 39995957 Catholic Faculty of Theology of the University of Split.

Request the Enrollment key from the Turnitin administrator at your institution via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Settings are defined so that you can submit the paper multiple times without storing it in the Turnitin database, and you can view the report. The paper check is done by clicking the Submit button.


Within a specific course in which you are enrolled, the teacher may request a paper for review and invite you to submit the assignment, following the same steps. The settings that will be applied, as well as the deadline for submitting the paper, are defined by the teacher when setting the assignment. Within the appropriate course and assignment, submit the paper you want to check. You can submit your paper by clicking the Submit button next to each assignment on the list (subsection 4.1 Instructions).

Report on Potential Plagiarism (video instructions)

Once the report is generated and ready for review, the percentage of potential plagiarism found during comparison will appear. It will be followed by a color indicating a lower or higher degree of plagiarism according to the default parameters used by the software. Each color represents a range on a scale of five levels:

  • Blue: No matches found for the paper
  • Green: One word to 24% of matching text found
  • Yellow: 25-49% of matching text found
  • Orange: 50-74% of matching text found
  • Red: 75-100% of matching text found

Note: documents marked in red are not necessarily plagiarism.

The percentage of potential plagiarism with the corresponding color is a tool indicating how thoroughly the paper needs to be independently analyzed to understand the context of the identified matches.

  • By clicking on the Match overview icon, all matches found in the document will be highlighted with various colors.
  • For a detailed review of each of the matches, press the right arrow next to the corresponding percentage. The Match Breakdown will appear, showing all sources where the match was found.
  • All Sources: Display of all sources where matches were found. By selecting an individual source, you can quickly view the matching text, navigate between matches found in that source, and view side-by-side comparison. Sources can be excluded from the report by selecting the Exclude sources button at the bottom. A checkbox will appear next to each source, which you can mark, and by clicking the now red Exclude button, confirm the exclusion of selected sources.
  • Filters and Settings: Selection of filters and settings within the report. By checking the boxes next to the options provided, you can exclude quotes (Exclude Quotes) and bibliography lists (Exclude Bibliography). Additionally, by entering the number of words or percentage, it is possible to subsequently ignore fewer sources within the report. Changes can be applied to the existing report (by clicking the Apply Changes button) or create a new report containing these changes (by clicking the New Report button). Under optional settings, there is an option to enable/disable the marking of matches with various colors (by checking or unchecking the checkbox next to the Multi-Color Highlighting option).
  • Exclude Sources: Display of all previously excluded sources. Sources can be re-enabled by checking the checkbox and clicking the Restore button. If you want to re-enable all previously excluded sources at once, select the Restore All option. From the report viewing interface, by clicking the Download icon, it is possible to download several documents to your computer: report in document format (Current View), digital receipt confirming that the specified document was uploaded to the Turnitin software (Digital Receipt), and the original document uploaded to the software (Originally Submitted File).

Video instructions for permanent deletion of the papers.


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