At the Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split from 17th to 18th October 2018. will be held the International Theological Symposium.


WEDNESDAY, 17th October 2018

17.00 Opening of the symposium and welcome speeches

17.20 Presentation of the Proceedings of the 23rd International Scientifi c Symposium Entitled Encounter between Faith and Sport Presenters: Prof. Ante Mateljan, Ph.D. and Mihael Prović, Ph.D.

17.40 Prof. Paul Haffner, Ph.D. (Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy) Contribution of the Eastern Christianity towards the Development of the Theology of Ecology

18.10 Discussion (Moderator: Prof. Mladen Parlov, Ph.D.)

THURSDAY, 18st October 2018

9.00 Prof. Luka Tomašević, Ph.D. (Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split) Paths of Catholic Ecology

9.30 Prof. Giovanni Ancona, Ph.D. (Faculty of Theology at the Pontifical Urbaniana University; Faculty of Theology at the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome, Italy) „The Environmental Issue” within the Perspective of Theological Anthropology

10.00 Discussion (Moderator: Prof. Marinko Vidović, Ph.D.)

10.15 Coffee break 10.30 Prof. Dirk Ansorge, Ph.D. (Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology, Frankfurt, Germany) Divine Mercy in All Creatures: principal tennets of the „Laudato si” Encyclica

11.00 Prof. Mile Dželalija, Ph.D. (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Split) Prof. Ivan Tadić, Ph.D. (Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split) Physics, Technology, and the Creation

11.30 Discussion (Moderator: Ante Rako, M.Sc.)

12.00 Lunch break

15.00 Prof. Ivan Katavić, Ph.D. (Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Split) The Sea – Inexhaustible Source of Life and Welfare

15.30 Jelena Hrgović, lic. theol. (City of Split) Overview of Ecological Issues and Perspectives in the Area of the City of Split and Its Surroundings

16.00 Discussion (Moderator: Ivan Lovrić, M.Sc.)

16.15 Coff ee break

16.30 Prof. Anđelko Domazet, Ph.D. (Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split) Ecology in the Context of New Religious Movements as Observed by Željko Mardešić

16.45 Miljenka Grgić, Ph.D. (Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split) Animals as God’s Treasure rather than Food to Humans. A Biblical Preface to the Christian Zoology

17.00 Ivan Macut, Ph.D. (Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split) World Conferences of the Ecumenical Council of Churches and their Attitude towards the Creation (1948-2013)

17.15 Prof. Mladen Parlov, Ph.D. (Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split) A Design of Ecological Spirituality as Observed in the „Laudato si” Encyclica by Pope Francis

17.30 Marijo Volarević, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Mihael Prović, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split) Education Aimed at Ecology and Its Moral and Catechetical Aspects with a Particular Emphasis upon the Ecology of Human Nature

17.45 Discussion (Moderator: Ana Jeličić, Ph.D., Assistant Professor) 18.00 Closing remarks Alojzije Čondić, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dean

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